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Changes to the BIIA Rules of Practice and Procedure:

Notice of BIIA Rulemaking (WSR 22-16-113) - Here is a link to rule changes to WAC 263-12 BIIA Rules of Practice and Procedure, effective October 10, 2022: WSR 22-19-009.

Why Changes?
The Board needed to amend a few rules to get ready for the new WISHA discrimination caseload. The discrimination appeals are different in some ways from the WISHA safety and health appeals. Also, while we were examining what should be in the notices of appeal for the discrimination appeals, we saw that our rules for notices of appeal didn't require phone numbers and email addresses. Phone numbers and email addresses are usually provided in notices of appeal and are helpful when we need to email courtesy copies of documents to parties. So we took this opportunity to update our rule on that.